Ai is a fan-made manga.

Characters Edit

  • Ai Muranaka (愛村中)
    • She is a punk-rock chick who enjoys music and drinking tea. Ai has a tsundere personality. After spending time with Susumu, she begins to like him, and soon develops feelings for Susumu, albeit in an aloof fashion.
  • Susumu Yuki (晋由紀)
    • Hi is a clumsy, yet shy boy who hates drinking tea because they are too hot to drink. He fell in love with Ai the first tim he met her at the café.
  • Mina Kawaguchi (ミナ川口)
    • She is Ai's stepsister who is one year younger than Susumu. She soon fell in love with Susumu.
  • Yui Yuki (結城結城?)
    • She is Susumu's childhood friend. She is in love with Susumu and tries to keep him away from Ai.

Volumes Edit

  • Volume 1 (3/26/2010)
    • Chapters: 1-12
  • Volume 2 (1/13/2011)
    • Chapters: 12-20
  • Volume 3 (5/22/2012)
    • Chapters: 21-34
  • Volume 4 (2/14/2013)
    • Chapters: 35-43
  • Volume 5 (12/25/2014)
    • Chapters: 44-59
  • Volume 6 (3/14/2015)
    • Chapters: 60-70
  • Volume 7 (2/10/2016)
    • Chapters: 71-89

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