Automatic Aika is a romance sci-fi manga released by Tokyopop.

Volume List Edit

No. Released Chapters Description
1 August 2000 1-7 Ruu Sakura finds an android girl with an artificial intelligence and activates her, and names her Aika, after her first word is "AI", which appears to be the only thing that she can say. Ruu later buys her some clothes to wear, but Ruu comes to realizes that Aika doesn't have panties. Aika begins learning words from Ruu.
2 Januray 2001 8-14 Aika finds a picture book called "Angel Cup" which sparks Aika's curiosity. Ruu's sister, Kuki who had given Aika several outfits, takes Aika to her room. After giving Aika a cute dress, Kuki tells her to find a person just for her. Ruu learns that Aika has special units that have real human emotions and thoughts.
3 May 2002 15-21
4 November 2003 22-28

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