Blue Moon is a un-released fan-anime by MidnightTheKitteh. This page is pure spoilers, so HAVE FUN! >:D

Blue Moon
Created by MidnightTheKitteh
Original Run TBA
No. of seasons TBA
No. of Episodes TBA

P.S. This plot involves characters from Nintendo. Please dont sue me, four sword doesnt belong to me.

Plot and CharactersEdit

Misao Hatashi is a japanese girl who is moving to America because of a horrid war raging between Japan and Korea. She speaks little-to no english and her most valuable possesion being a japanese-english dictionary makes sense. Her parents stay in japan as her father and mother have started working in the military. At her new school, Blue Hill High school, she eventually makes 4 new friends; Katey Golze, Koneko Miyumi, Emma Ross and Red, and manages to meet Blue Majiin, the hot-headed guy who acts as if Red were his little brother. But as good as her first week goes by, nightmares of a strange lady cloud her dreams. As days go by, the six have several wacky adventures. But Misao's dreams decide to tell her things. In a week, according to her dreams, there are the 6 elemental people (nickname courtesy of me). Who they are, she doesn't know. This lady who looks like a cresent moon wants to use the elementals to have ultimate power. Her dreams reveal a prophecy that speaks of thisbut she never heard the end... And suprise! The prophecy is in a book, but the prophecy is actually finished! Upon learning this, Misao and the 5 set out to find these elementals and suprise suprise, its them. Heres a quick guide to who's what.




Koneko-Love (peace)



Now all that's left to do for them is find Mother Of Darkness and defeat her, restoring peace to the world.


In the beginning, 7 elements guarded and protected the world while Din, Farore and Naryu rested in the heavens. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Time, Peace, and Darkness. However, darkness was jealous. The 6 had worked together to make puny things, while Darkness re-created the earth, night and stars above. The 6 took credit for dark's work and darkness became enraged. She destroyed Peace and Air, and left to rise shadows and horrible creatures. The 4 remaining tried to re-incarnate Peace and Air. But the inner nature of peace was shattered by darkness, and being forced to, they made Peace into Love, and Air was simply an angel. The 3 goddesses from above turned the 6 into humans and sent 2 from Hyrule to aid them from Darkness. Darkness was shattered and formed into a human, who was a witch. She begged for powers from the devil of the mortal world and caused death. Now these 6 must destroy the powerful Mother of Darkness and save the world.

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