Lyrics (tune of ToraDora song "Pre-Parade full version)Edit

My fair,Little angel!,When I am stronger,I`ll take you on

My fair,Little king,I will learn karate someday

(Open Heart,Open Heart,Open Heart,THUMPING HEART!)

You`ll be ready for this one day,Friday the thirteenth to be exact

Once I protect you from this,You just take off,leave me in the dust

All I want is a kiss that rocks

(Open Heart,Open Heart,Although It`s closing inside)

And once I get my way,You will be warned (It`s not a death threat)

La La La La!

Someday you will be mine,won`t you be my valentine!

I just want a man like you,once I show you,how my life is

All I really want is you,Won`t you please join me on my adventure

I want dreams and fantasies,I want to be (yours forever)

Once I get my way!

(Open Heart)

I could get love from a boy like you that protects me

Boo Hoo,jealous girls,in the way of my life,such hatred and fear

All you want is my patience

(It`s me,It`s me,won`t you play with moi?)

When you try to be like me,sly and supreme,you just backfire

Someday I will be,the strongest Missing Feeling in the world

Fans out there,waiting for me,why do i care,that`s why i care

Won`t you please join me around the world

Onegai Mr,Shy

I wanna be like you,and you,and you

I wanna be like you!

I wanna be like you!


All I want!

Is a kiss that rocks!



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