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ChibiGissiy (also known as Giss-chan, Gisselle Eva, GissyEva, and Eva Charat Staff) is a relatively new fanimator of the community that joined around April 2014. Despite this, she has known about fanime since 2011. She create series like Carrot Fluffs, Penalty All About, and Mi-Pie.

Early Life- Before Making FanimeEdit

Gissy has an interesting past. Even through she was not part of the fanime community at the time, she has made a few animations. They never really gone anywhere.

In 2013, Gissy decided to make a storyline in her main channel (which is pretty much ripping off her friend, KHF McAwesome, who has a storyline on his channel) and despite the characters just standing, they have a style of animation that resembles Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy, if they're something anyone can compare to. Unfortunately, due to the drama in one Skype group she was once in, other personal issues, school, and stress, she decide to can that idea and move one with other things.

Gissy has made a written story for Penalty All About, which started in 2011 and ended in 2012. She tried her best to get it noticed by people outside her friends at the time but not that many know about it. She tried making a webcomic but it failed. That's when she looked into the fanime

In The Fanime WorldEdit

After making a visual novel sprite of Mokoko (who later is in Carrot Fluffs.) and a few other characters and watching FanimeReviews "Top 5 Tokyo Mew Mew Spin-Offs", Gissy decided to make Penalty All About into a visual novel style fanime.

While it was in the works, she decided to make Carrot Fluffs, which admittedly was a one-shot OVA but she decided to continue it.

While going into the depths of the Fanime Rehab chat, she created Mi-Pie which involve Mi-Pie, Isaiah (her Skype friend), and other characters doing stuff.

Notable CreationsEdit


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