Chibi Bravo is a fan made series. It centers on a teenage girl and a killer student from the future who constantly gets her into trouble and kills her violently and repeatedly with a spiked club, only to resurrect her seconds later.

Characters Edit

  • Miku Usui - As a running gag of the series, every time Chiyo kills Miku, she comes back to life. Since then her life has become one of bloody clubbings and resurrections. Miku suffers from apiphobia (a fear/dislike of bees) in which she suffers an allergic reaction whenever he comes into contact with one bee. Miku's greatest desire is to become Chiyo's friend instead of being her victim.
  • Chiyo Honjo - Chiyo is a 16-year-old student from the future. Her mission is to kill Miku Usui, but Miku denies it. She wields the magical spiked club with which she clubs her victims to death, or to express her displeasure (almost exclusively Miku). It is hinted that Chiyo's greatest desire is to become Miku's friend instead of killing her a lot.
  • Tomoko Tanaka - Tomoko is Miku's close friend and a wealthy girl. During the series, she is to aid Miku in finding a cure for Miku's phobia for bees. She is manipulative, cunning, highly intelligent, athletic, and sadistic. But she is good peVolume Listually.
  • Keitaro Sakura - Keitaro is Miku's classmate and childhood friend. Miku has a crush on him, but she spends much of her time with but is too afraid to confess her feelings.
  • Chika Honjo - Chika is Chiyo's 20-year-old well-endowed older sister. She is very determined and will not hesitate to use violence to get her way.

Episodes Edit

No. Published Chapters
1 September 22, 2005 CH1 It's A Killer From The Future! CH2 The Hammer Of Pain!

CH3 Swimsuit + Bikini = Go!Go!Go!

CH4 Chains of No Escape!

CH5 Miku-chan's First Date!

CH6 Hot Night With the Big Fish

2 December 26, 2005 'CH7 Crushed By Your Man!'CH8 A Bath With My Friend!

CH9 The Other Kingdom!

CH10 Be Cute, Don't Be Mean!

CH11 It's A Second Date! YAY!

CH12 Big Sister With A Problem!

3 March 11, 2006 'CH13 It's Bubbles and Scrubbing Battle!'CH14 The Other Kingdom Too!

CH15 The Idiot Games! Let's Begin!




4 July 1, 2006 'CH19'CH20





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