Pawākurabu!! (Power Club!!, パワークラブ!!) is a manga realeased by Tokyopop.

Characters Edit

Tsubasa Ueda (つばさ上田) Edit

Ikumi Maeda (郁美前田) Edit

Ikumi is an H-Cup (flat-chested) Mahoro Highschool student. She is an extreme tsundere, and repeatedly attacks Tsubasa, for no reasons. She is shown to be very athletic, but has been said by Miharu to not be very good at studies. There is an implication that she has feelings for Tsubasa (as a result of his kindness towards her, plus the fact that he treats her just as he does with everybody else), although she does not admit it. It is suggested that she became jealous when another girl makes advances towards Tsubasa, as in the case of her being more violent towards him when Etsuko gave him a mound of affections. She seems to be unaware of the fact that she has developed an attachment towards Tsubasa, nor the fact that she has unconsciously developed feelings towards him, and constantly denies these facts whenever Etsuko has pointed it out. Her first kiss was with Tsubasa in chapter 18. Her element is fire.

Abilites/Magic: Edit

  • Butterfly Hurricane (バタフライハリケーン)
  • Elemental Karate Chop Of Doom (ドゥームの元素空手チョップ)
  • Fire Asteroid Punishment (火災小惑星お仕置き)
  • Dragon Fire Breath (ドラゴンファイアブレス)

Etsuko Fukui (悦子福井) Edit

Etsuko is an A-Cup (flat-chested) Mahoro Highschool student who is also Tsubasa's childhood friend. Despite not seeing him for a long time, Etsuko still harbors strong feelings for Tsubasa. During their time together in the club, they start getting closer then the other characters, with Etsuko developing a crush on Tsubasa. Her element is water.

Miharu Watanabe (三春渡辺) Edit

Miharu is an C-Cup (flat-chested) Mahoro Highschool student.

Sara Yasue (サラ安江) Edit

Volume List Edit

Volume Released Chapters
1 September 1, 2003 1-5
2 December 28, 2003 6-12
3 March 3, 2004 13-19
4 June 11, 2004 20-28
5 September 22, 2005 29-38

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