(reupload) Jinkō Chinō Rumble ★ episode 1 206:36

(reupload) Jinkō Chinō Rumble ★ episode 1 2


Her Persona character

Coco Sweet is a fanimator who is also known for her ongoing fanime series call Jinkō Chinō Rumble - a fan anime about robots and phones. Eventually she came to Youtube on the fall of 2014, she began started on her series. She has a dA profile originally joined since 2010. She do speed painting, voice acting, being creativity. Her upcoming fanime is also "Just Another Alice" (very difference than the original Alice in Wonderland). Although, her fanime series of Jinko Chino Rumble is not cancel or stopped- it on hold/ or in production.

Early LifeEdit

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Notable CreationsEdit

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