• [The episode starts with Miku Usui, Chiyo Honjo and Tomoko Tanaka going to the resort.]
  • Tomoko: This is it, girls. The Hot Springs Resort!
  • [Opening starts.]
  • [The gang are seen in the hot springs. Chiyo takes off her clothes, while Miku walks to Tomoko.]
  • Tomoko: Let's go, girls.
  • [Into the hot springs.]
  • Tomoko: It's hot.
  • Chiyo: But, it's good for Miku!
  • [Both confused.]
  • Chiyo: This is great! If Miku says in the hot springs the longest, she burn to death! HA!HA!HA!HA!
  • Miku: What the hell are you saying, Chiyo?! I'm not listening to you're crap-crap!

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