Dialga Anubis is a coming soon seires,It revolves

around a girl named Mitsuki Tachikawa,she is an official student of Witch Acedemy,her test is to stop some trouble making Wizards and Witches around Toyko,In the sequel,Dialga Anubis Choco,Mitsuki must collect the seven diamonds that have been stolen from Queen Miko`s Tiara,in Dialga Anubis Crystal,Mitsuki and her rival,Mahoshi are official candidates to become Princess of Witch Land,If Mitsuki wins,she`ll bring peace and love and make lives great,If Mahoshi wins,she`ll bring horror,hatred,and make lives miserable,in Dialga Anubis Mariposa,the Elemental Butterflies have dissapeared from the Magic Chalice,so Mitsuki must find them,they are located in the hearts of thirteen boys,but which one has the butterfly of Love?,in Dialga Anubis Sukkiri,Mitsuki has turned Queen Miko into a Siren,so she must find a mystical witch source known as a Purity Key,to unlock the Charity Lock,in Dialga Anubis Party,Mitsuki has to destroy Negative Spirits known as Louma`s,and in the final seires,Dialga Anubis Dream Door,Mitsuki is now awarded most powerful witch,but someone steals the silver star,the Egret Star,and the golden moon,the Bloom Moon


Mitsuki Tachikawa

Mitsuki is the main character,she is a witch,and she attends the Witch Academy,but was sent to the human world to battle the trouble making wizards and witches,She is 11,she has six witch henshins,Witch Heart,Witch Star,Witch Moon,Witch Diamond,Witch Butterfly,Witch Cross,and Witch Petal,If I choose someone to voice,she is open!

The Broken Hearts (season 1)Edit

Mahoshi Hitomi

Mahoshi is Mitsuki`s Rival,she is always getting in Mitsuki`s way,she is usaully attacking her,in one episode,she takes her fairies,Spotlight,Flutter,and Jewel,and she turns them into nega-fairies,she attends the Witch Acedemy,if I choose someone to voice,she is going to be voiced by me!

Queen Elite

Queen Elite is the leader of the Elite Ten,although she is not in the Elite,she is actually the queen of the broken hearts,if I choose someone to voice,she is open!


Misty has a crush on Nature,she is the leader of the Elite Ten,she is actually a good fighter,in episode 3,Mitsuki had to get passed Misty,Master of The Weather,if i choose to have voices,she is open


Nature is in command!,if you can get passed Misty,you have to face Nature,Mitsuki claims that Nature "smells like a rotten pumpkin baked into a pie,and then had an animal make a nest in it,have babies,and die,and then got run over by a double decker bus,and then eaten by a cow,and then splattered into a bucket of manuer",if I choose voices,Nature is taken by me

Kagami,Cassidy,Eric,Matt,Michelle,Janelle,and Violet

they are the rest of the elite ten,they are open,if i choose voices

Minor CharactersEdit

Mikey and Lily Tachikawa

Mitsuki`s parents who are the principal and janior of the acedemy,Mikey is the father,he is a fun loving dad,Lily is the mom,she is actually the janitor of the school,they are open if I choose voices.