Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar Redux is a german Fanime by SSJKamui/Michael Thomas Kumpmann, produced with Autodesk Maya 2014, RealFlow and Brekel Kinect Motion Capture. He worked on the project since October 2013 and completed it in October 2014. Then, it was released on youtube with english subtitles.

Plot Edit

An unknown alien lifeform attacked the government buildings of the martian colonies. Nobody knew where it came from and why it attacked. After the attacker died, scientists examined it’s corpse and found out that genetically, the being seemed to be a human. The people asked themselves how that could be, because the attacker, whom was given the name Caine didn’t look like a human. Nobody was able to explain it and it became a mystery. Later, other beings appeared and attacked targets on earth randomly. The military was unable to protect the citizens of earth against the attacks of the Caine, but later, a german professor of mathematics found a mathematical algorithm which was able to predict the attacks of the enemies. Because of the algorithm, the military was able to defend many targets against the attackers.

But this success didn’t last very long, because 4 years after the discovery of the algorithm, the algorithm gave many false predictions and the scientists found out, the relative error of the algorithm was very large. Because of this, the government combined several scientific institutes and formed a special organization to improve the algorithm and to coordinate the defense against the Caine. Many of the best mathematicians of the world became members of the new organization. Many big successes in the defense against the Caine happened, but it costed many sacrifices, too. There were many violations of the human rights and the privacy of the citizens, which were justified by the defense against the Terror of the Caine. During the fight against the unknown monsters, which were also humans, many humans started to behave like monsters, too.

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