Monster's Secret ひみつ - Offical Ending 1 (CREDITLESS)01:33

Monster's Secret ひみつ - Offical Ending 1 (CREDITLESS)

Yukia falling skies by edemonswordsmancrona-d87a7sf

EVERlastingFaNimatoR (Ever) are sisters fanime youtuber who are also known of there upcoming fanime call "Monster Secret". They are also known as there good friend/ fanime partner with TheItalianFanimeKid1991 aka John Fanime, she is also a good friend of Sch Ribbit. There inspiration they like to draw, cosplay, making videos, acting, writing, and being creative.

Early LifeEdit

Ever began doing randomly things such as drawing, speed painting, doll videos, music videos, random stuff on Youtube back in 2011; but until they began to do fanimation scene since 2012 until 2014: from short and sequence, they began to start there fanime series call Monster Secret on 2011-2015 to start as there first fanime series. Somehow, they do voice acting to help out of Youtuber fanime series or fandub ect. They are also duo who make animation and such. They began there other fanime series call "The Deck that Falls" a very upcoming series that the production is on hold but officially created since 2014.

Notable creationsEdit

They started off fanimation short and some sequence since 2012 but until they officially began to do both fanime series of there own such as: Monster Secret and Deck that Falls. They made the original intro of Monster Secret since 2012 but until 2014-2015 they remade the series to reboot to start off a new setting of the story and character. However they did videos like Animation For iZelda27 Tetra - Drunk Dance, and Boy meet mermaid.

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