Taken from the Fanime Cup "About" and "Home" pages (because the writer would rather not type this up all over again):

"Hey guys! Welcome to the first annual Fanime Cup! Please visit the "About" page in order to know what Fanime Cup is, the rules, and the prizes! :D


The winner of the annual Fanime Cup each year will get...

-5 request pictures

-1 animation under 1 minute from the founder!

-the "Fanimator of the Year" award for their category

-1 bonus prize that will be announced what it is at the end, each year!

How do I get in? What's the rules?Edit

Well, all you have to do is join this site, post your entry, and the judges will, well.. judge!

The rules are simple;

-No tracing.

-No stealing.

-No nudity, hentai, or ecchi.

-Be creative & Have fun!

-You may only submit three videos or "fan"gas. More than that will be disqualified.

-The submission doesn't just have to be a story; it can be a PV, MV, anything you want so long as it is made in the fanime style! :D

-A judge may enter so long as they don't enter the category they're judging. :D

Q & AEdit

This box will answer frequently asked questions, such as on YouTube, sent to the "Contact Me" page, etc. :3

Q: Can I judge?

A: If you can promise to judge based on the categories, and not be biased on the person, then yes. Some judges may be given a video without the person's name on it to avoid bias.

Q: If you already have a video from way back when, can you enter it?

A: All videos from August 1st, 2010 through August 1st, 2011 are accepted. However, no other dates are accepted unless people need a little more time.

Q: Is this a scam?

A: No, this is a non-profit tournament made by the fanime community for the fanime community. We will not take your videos and post them somewhere else. If someone does, you have the right to sue them because Avalia wouldn't be caught dead doing something like that xD

What is Fanime Cup?Edit

Fanime Cup is an exclusive tournament for the fanime community to 'battle it out' in a fight with several different categories, so many that almost /everyone/ will win, such as...

Best "Fan"ga
Best Eyes
Best Hair
Best Proportions
Best Shading
Best Animation
Best Plot
Best Magical Girl (sigh cause you know it's still popular and this IS for everyone)
Best Action
Best Horror
Best Romance
Best Mystery
Best Sci-fi
Best Slice of Life
Best Couple
Best Hero
Best Villain
Best Voice Actor
Best Voice Actress
Best Opening
Best Ending
Most Improved"