Sweet Victory FMV03:49

Sweet Victory FMV

We are Golden - Fanime Music Video!02:58

We are Golden - Fanime Music Video!

FMV - referring to Fanime Music Video is more difference than "AMV" with cartoon, movies, anime etc. But Fanime Music Video is also fan-made music video made by the fanimator, the artist, the youtuber, etc. Not the Fanime con of AMV contest. Just regularly Fanime Music Video -- it is however they use Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, or any other video programing or application they can use to edit the video of the fanime scene and adding the music from any other.

However, such person make a music video about the fanime series from dedicated or despite that the series is very popular/ enjoyable. It is completely Fan-maded only on Youtube, like wise.

Before FMV...Edit

Before AMV was created, until Fanime was made in late 2006 on Youtube not entirely people didn't make FMV back in 2006-2009, until the light of day they did make music videos about the fanime series (made by the creator/ fanimator) thus, AMV is likely the same how people create those but for FMV same thing. For many example who make Fanime Music Videos such as [ChibiGissy], [RandMmanga DeartháirtheManga ], [iloveloveloveableful], and more. However some of the artist, fanimator, or even the creator the fanime series etc never make a "Fanime Music Video" Contest"" before-- a lot difference than the AMV contest.

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