Fighters: Alpha ( 戦闘機:アルファ)
Created by Creepario
Genre Shōnen, Adventure, Martial Arts, Science-Fiction
No. of seasons 4
No. of Episodes 48

Fighters Alpha (戦闘機:アルファ, Sentōki: Arufa) is an fan-made Anime and there is of them only the plot.


Main CharactersEdit

Roman: Roman is the main protagonist of the story. He is at the beginning a little too naive and uncertain and pessimistic about his enemies. He thinks in many situations too often about everything and also has often caused many mishaps. The more he is on the offensive very strong, but his condition is still very weak. By the time he comes across its borders and can use an overload in order to exploit its full potential. Its element is fire and it can at the beginning of the following techniques: fireball, fire fist, the fire aura.

Fabian: Fabian is the other protagonist of the story. At first he and Roman were enemies, but when she had to work as a team, improved the friendship and were among the strongest teams of the vintage later. Fabian is in contrast to Roman a very intellectual character who has a strategy for each situation that can already turn the battle. He has the capability of second-type and can accordingly also master the elements lightning and ice.

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