Gamer Breakers (ゲームブレイカーズ) is a visual novel/fanime that will be made by: Elric Atchison (EvilFlash). It is an upcoming fanime in the works for the EvilFlash YouTube channel.

Cast: Edit

Elric Atchison... Kageyasu Yamaguchi, Morimasa Tōdō

Jessica Fernandez... Ino Sakakibara

Audel La Roque... Takanori Amano

William Stephens... Yoshiaki Otake

Adriano Erceg... Norihisa Masuda

Catrina Velasquez... Asaji Ikari

Elisabeth Poland... Yuki Umehara

Nikko Abanilla... Yoshitake Shima

ADR Director: Edit

Elric Atchison

Creator: Edit

Elric Atchison

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