Hikari Mimi is the nickname of a beginning graphic designer and animator.


Mimi was born on August 6th 1994, in Zaandam, The Netherlands. Her real name is Sanne. She lived with her both parents and two little sisters in a city nearby Amsterdam. She's going to an Art Academy in Utrecht.

Sanne started to draw Manga when she was just 10 years old. She learned it herself and from books made by Christopher Heart.

When she was 11, Sanne discovered the Anime Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch. Since then she's watching Anime. Her nickname came from Sister MiMi, a villian in Mermaid Melody.


Mimi have a lot of works together with also beginner Manga-ka Maeda Suzume (a.k.a. SuusJ-chan). Her first real story was called FairyShine. She publiced it on the internet and it was a huge succes. Unfortunately, she has no inspiration to FairyShine anymore and ended it after two seasons. FairyShine is not online anymore.

Mimi is working hard on now Kotonaru no Tamashii (a.k.a. Different Souls) and the mini-series Nyappu Nyappu Miko-chan!.




Youtube: RozenPearl and her old account, SheshexMimi.