Ichigo Aika-kun (いちご愛佳くん) is a Japanese manga series.

Plot Edit

The story revolves around Aika Mitsukuri, who is best friends with a mysterious and beautiful girl in her childhood, but does not remember anything about her other than that she wears blue-striped panties. She leaves before she can say goodbye, but she finds a teddy bear key chain, belonging to Chitose Yuuki, an ordinary-looking glasses-wearing girl who is a gifted artist. The two become friends with the common ambition of turning great art into stories. Thinking that Naru Yamada, the most popular girl in his school, might be the mystery girl, she asks her out by the cafe and is surprised when she accepts. She later realizes Naru is not the mystery girl but chooses to continue their relationship anyway. Later, Aika also discovers that her classmate Ruri Sakura is moving into her family's home. From that day on, her relationships with the girls that enter her life.

Characters Edit

  • Aika Mitsukuri (あいか みつくり)
  • Chitose Yuuki (千歳ゆうき)
  • Ruri Sakura (ルリさくら)
  • Naru Yamada (ナル山田)

Volumes Edit

No. Published Chapters
1 May 9, 1997 1-6
2 December 18, 1997 7-12
3 February 1, 1998 13-18
4 June 17, 1998 19-24
5 November 4, 1998 25-30
6 January 13, 1999 31-36
7 July 8, 1999 37-42
8 October 21, 1999 43-48
9 March 1, 2000 49-54
10 June 4, 2000 55-60

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