Your Child or Insanity are a very non-recommended anime for kids, it contains so many brutal things, for example, blood, gore, cannibalism, and horrible screaming-death.

Origin Edit

Yaxerin is asleep, at his dream, he saw a very mysterious young man with a same hairstyle with Yaxerin's, covered in blood, with a knife, walking down the hall while everyone hides in they're lockers.

This is a very surprising dream, means it wakes up Yaxerin-kun, he was confused.

At 6.00 AM (god da*mn!) he is at Osaru Highschool, he is a second year, same with his known ones, but the first years and third years are not and new to him though.

He was asleep at his desk while his teacher did not notice, he noticed the killer was a bit fatter than Yaxerin, at awake, he said "Fiuh, just close." with sweat at his head.

Yaxerin grabs his udon and sake, going upstairs, stands about 2.9 cm away from the rooftop fence.

Looking at the sky, he was happy.

After that, he was fat as the killer at the dream, he panicked and checked his heartbeating.

Here is the list.

  1. Wow, not that close to many dude.
  2. Whoa, calm down.
  3. Ok, your mad.
  4. I know! I know! Please go to the first meter!
  5. No.... stop.
  6. I Give Up!
  7. Lucifer? Is that you?
  8. Wow...
  9. Chill dog! Chill!

Yaxerin vomits something colorful, it's a rainbow color, he was confused again.

He starts laughing, his eyes starts to shrink, he is...


He sees the fire axe, he grabs it and see his old friend, Nana Bukaku.

She is still chill while Child is walking towards her, she thinks it's a April fools prank, it's April in that day btw.

Then she was killed, dead inside, and that is Insanity.

Info Edit

Ok this is coming soon.

Teasers Edit

Drawing this day!

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