Into The Stars is a Magical Girl fanime created by Emily Loves Cookies on YouTube.

The original series got cancelled in Fall 2016, it has 2 seasons and 21 episodes. Later in December, 2016, a new remake was announced and is planned to be released in Fall 2017 with one season and 10 episodes, also with a new plot line.

Characters Edit

  • Luna Tsuki
  • Haruka
  • Sakura
  • Yui
  • Rina Takihara
  • Mei
  • Layi
  • Kyu/Kyouna Hirigiri

The girls outside of magical form.

About The Series Edit

Follow Luna as she is thrown away from her ordinary life to a whole new magical one! With her best friend Sakura with her, they meet the leaderly Haruka, the cute but serious Yui, kind hearted Mei, and sweet Rina as they all

Into The Stars - Web Series OFFICIAL TRAILER

Into The Stars - Web Series OFFICIAL TRAILER

help each other defeat the Evils. But danger lurks as they learn the Evils Kyu and Kuro have been working for the one in charge, Layi. Will they defeat this daughter of evil or will they fall into despair like the other magical girls have? Find out on Into the Stars!

Remake Edit

The remake was announced in winter 2016, and will feature all the same character including a few new side characters. Voice actors will be involved and Emily reprising her role as Luna. There will not be a season 2 as said by Emily, but after the season ends she hopes to do shorts including the characters to keep their story going.

The opening is "World Lampshade" and the ending is "Kaleidoscope."