This is the first volume of Itsumi Times manga series. It was published on February 18, 2000.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Motoki Nabatame is just an average teenager who wishes to talk to a girl who cares for him. His sister creates a doll for him, but he is not impressed... until one morning when he wakes to find the miniature dollcomes to life, sleeping on his chest and names her Itsumi, after his mother, but it appears that the only thing she says is "nya".

Chapter 2 Edit

Motoki wants to find out more about Itsumi, so he takes her to his youger sister, Motoko, the maker of Itsumi, who is a young expert on toys. In the end, Motoko tells Motoki not to fall in love with her if he does, something bad will happen to her.

Chapter 3 Edit

Motoki comes to realizes that Itsumi doesn't have any underwear. Motoki plucks up the courage to run into the store and buy them himself and run back out. Itsumi puts them on all by herself.

Chapter 4 Edit

Itsumi begins learning words from Motoki.

Chapter 5 Edit

Motoki buys Itsumi some clothes.

Chapter 6 Edit

Motoki, Motoko and Itsumi decide to go to beach.

Chapter 7 Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

Chapter 9 Edit

Chapter 10 Edit

Chapter 11 Edit

Chapter 12 Edit

Chapter 13 Edit

Chapter 14 Edit

Chapter 15 Edit

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