Jijitsu (事実) is a harem manga series released by Tokyopop.

Characters Edit

  • Fukumi Sawamura (福見澤村) z-Cup
  • Subaru Aoi (スバル葵) B-Cup
  • Chie Yamada (千絵山田) C-Cup
  • Midori Aoi (みどりあおい) D-Cup
  • Honoka Ishizuka (ほのか石塚) E-Cup
  • Junko Hosoi (純子細井) F-Cup
  • Moe Sakuraba (萌え桜庭) G-Cup
  • Rin Sawamura (凛澤村) H-Cup
  • Aya Urashima (綾浦島) I-Cup

Volume List Edit

No. Published Chapters Description
1 November 17, 2000 1-13 The story depicts the life of schoolboy Kei Hiraga visits his grandmother's house, which is populated only by women, several of whom have enormous breasts. He falls in love with an A-Cup named Fukumi Sawamura. Suddenly, Junko Hosoi has a prophecy-fulfilled romantic encounter with Kei on the way to school! Subaru Aoi and Midori Aoi gives Kei a tight hug. Kei finally go out on a date with Fukumi, but her older sister Rin Sawamura gets in their way. Finally, Kei meets Chie Yamada and Moe Sakuraba, who accidentally fell on him (Kei's face ends up on Chie's butt and Moe begins to laugh).
2 April 8, 2001 14-26 Kei meets Aya Urashima, he suddenly falls on her (Kei's face lands on her breasts). Aya quickly falls in love with him. Fukumi believes that Kei is a mysterious peeping tom who has been photographing the girls around school. Kei accidentally sees Fukumi's underwear and she runs away crying. Soon, Kei comes to realizes that Honoka Ishizuka doesn't wear underwear.
3 January 13, 2002 27-39 Fukumi has chosen Kei as her "one and only". But, all the girls gets jealous and tries to kiss Kei, but Kei confesses his love for Fukumi. Both of them live happily ever after.