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Kiki and the Light is a fanime made by Cookieluv246 about a girl diagnosed with a disease called Lohkytme.

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Aerith, one of the characters from KATL.

When Kiki was raised by her widower father, she was taken away from the him at the age of five for "child abuse"; ie, not signing her up for hospital care when she "needed" it. She was sent to a live-in hospital and stayed there for two years.  But there was a huge accident, and most of the people there were either injured, died, or mentally scarred for a very long time. Kiki was found in a closet hiding by Sukiyo Masanobu. Who actually was just looking for a fire extinguisher. He took her away from the chaotic building and took her away to Canada. Sukiyo actually knew Kiki before the accident, when Kiki was taken away from her father, they had assigned her to a doctor who would keep in charge of her daily stats and mindset. Or in some terms, a parental figure.Since Sukiyo was just an intern at that time, that's how he had taken the job. But

Kiki in her Uniform outfit. It's a frame apart of the eyecatch.

when that accident had occured, Kiki had seemed to forget ever meeting Sukiyo before, and it was back to base one in their relationship.

Kiki and the Light is presently set in the time 2012 in Newfoundland  labrador island,Canada. Kiki is nineteen by this time, and has a part time job as a waitress at a mall near her home with Sukiyo. She was homeschooled all her life up until this point, and begged Sukiyo to let her branch out more. Kiki seeking to take on the roles of more responsibility doesn't understand the situation exactly at hand. Sukiyo, for fear, has never told her much about her disease, she just accuses him of being overprotective and mean.

Sukiyo all the while trying to find a cure to her disease, Kiki is trying to find herself, and become what it takes to be a human apart of society. While trying to develop better social skills and overall needs.

However, there may be more to this "disease" then even Sukiyo may know.

Kiki and the Light is suppose to have about nine "parts" where the ED and OP change. Each "part" is split up by time and events of when a big keypoint in Kiki's life occurs. It's up to the audience to figure out what it was though. How KATL will be animated is still underconstruction, or in other words, Cookieluv246 is still in debating stages on whether it shuld be in Visual Novel or normal animating format. If you would like to help her decide, by all means do please pm her either through Youtube or skype or wherever.

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