Kotoko-chan (琴子ちゃん) is a Yuri anime.

Characters Edit

Kotoko Sato (琴子佐藤) Edit

Ruri Koishi (ルリ小石) Edit

Yue Sakura (越サクラ) Edit

Midori Takase' (みどり高瀬) Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Kotoko (琴子)
  2. Kotoko X Ruri (琴子Xルリ)
  3. Yue (越)
  4. Midori (みどり)
  5. Appeal (アピール)
  6. Midori X Yue (みどりX越)
  7. Petals (花びら)
  8. Beach (ビーチ)
  9. Love (愛)
  10. Color (色)
  11. Finale ()

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