Magica Mana is an unreleased idol/magical girl fanime.

*WARNING* There may be spoilers!

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Idol Edit

Shiny Smile (シャイニースマイル Shainīsumairu)


  • Sakuragi Mana (桜木 マナ Sakuragi Mana)- Mana is the main protagonist who is a 14 year old girl in her first year at Prism Academy. She is cheerful and energetic but has no self confidence, and works hard towards her dream of being top idol. She always admired Hinata and loved singing. After achieving her idol form, they discovered she also had the power of "Yukine" inside her. Her partner is Sakurai and her theme colour is pink.
  • Sonoda Lillian (園田 リリアン Sonoda Lillian)- Often referred to as the "Beautiful Blade", Lillian is a 15 year old girl who is quite popular at Prism Academy. She is refined and elegant, but also myterious and quiet. She is also secretly the daughter of the Ageha Company's CEO, who is allies with "Tenebris", led by Lillian's sister, Lilth. Like Mana, she also has dreams of becoming top idol.Her partner is Symphony and her theme colour is purple.
  • Kazekari Megumi (風狩り めぐみ Kazekari Megumi)- A shy, gentle 15 year old girl who controls wind and dreams of becoming a great actress. She is Lillian's childhood friend and will often become jealous when other girls go near and have a good relationship with her. She has great skill in dancing but when she freaks out, there is usually a wind storm. Her partner is Harmony and her theme colour is green.
  • Kasugano Yayoi (春日野 やよい Kasugano Yayoi)- Yayoi is a 13 year old girl who has the power of flowers. She is a popular model

Star Academy Edit

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