Magical girl school is a Magical girl fanime, created by Sch Ribbit.

Magical Girl School
Created by Sch Ribbit
Genre Anime, Magical girl
Original Run April 16, 2014 - Ongoing
No. of seasons 1
No. of Episodes 11
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Characters Edit

  • Kiki Asobi
  • Puki Asobi
  • Naname Hadane
  • Ameko Rouru
  • Hiro Takahashi
  • Arashi Inouda
  • Coach Ko
  • Headmaster Airen


Episode 1: You've Been Recruited! Twins Kiki and Puki Asobi go a day through school. There have been letters sent out to 6 girls who are to be Aka Yama high school's next magical girls.

Episode 2: It's Normal. Really! Twins Kiki and Puki Asobi go through their first magical girl meeting.

Episode 3: Forming Bonds The twins have their differences. Will they be able to make friends on their magical girl teams?

Episode 4: An Old Rivalry Old foes Coach Ko and Headmaster Airen show the students a real magical girl fight.

Episode 5: Decisions Puki discovers that she has a key trait in common with Headmaster.

Episode 6: A Day For Hiro Puki thinks over her dilemma as perspective changes to how Hiro’s day is going.

Episode 7: Surprise, Surprise The kids have to practice fighting sooner or later. Today it just happens to be sooner.

Episode 8: Don’t Hurt Me! Sticks and stones may have broken their bones a bit, but the words of others will haunt them forever.

Episode 9: Abracadabra

Episode 10: Change In which people are horrible, and things happen.

Episode 11: The calm Naname says goodbye to her friends and flowers bloom.

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