Magical girl school is a Magical girl fanime, created by Sch Ribbit.

Magical Girl School
Created by Sch Ribbit
Genre Anime, Magical girl
Original Run April 16, 2014 - Feb 19, 2017
No. of seasons 1
No. of Episodes 13
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Characters Edit

  • Kiki Asobi
  • Puki Asobi
  • Naname Hadane
  • Ameko Rouru
  • Hiro Takahashi
  • Arashi Inouda
  • Coach Ko
  • Headmaster Airen
  • Nurse Harmony


Episode 1: You've Been Recruited! Twins Kiki and Puki Asobi go a day through school. There have been letters sent out to 6 girls who are to be Aka Yama high school's next magical girls.

Episode 2: It's Normal. Really! Twins Kiki and Puki Asobi go through their first magical girl meeting.

Episode 3: Forming Bonds The twins have their differences. Will they be able to make friends on their magical girl teams?

Episode 4: An Old Rivalry Old foes Coach Ko and Headmaster Airen show the students a real magical girl fight.

Episode 5: Decisions Puki discovers that she has a key trait in common with Headmaster.

Episode 6: A Day For Hiro Puki thinks over her dilemma as perspective changes to how Hiro’s day is going.

Episode 7: Surprise, Surprise The kids have to practice fighting sooner or later. Today it just happens to be sooner.

Episode 8: Don’t Hurt Me! Sticks and stones may have broken their bones a bit, but the words of others will haunt them forever.

Episode 9: Abracadabra

Episode 10: Change In which people are horrible, and things happen.

Episode 11: The calm Naname says goodbye to her friends and flowers bloom.

Episode 12: The Storm Many a thing happens. Are there any survivors?

Episode 12: Finale Wrap up! Is Himeko really a thing? Is Arashi going to jail? Who is that mysterious woman she meets? Is Hiro strong enough? Is Kiki tough enough? Is Ameko brave enough? Is Puki resilient enough? Is Ko good enough? Are Headmaster's feelings of guilt too strong?Is Harmony old enough?