MewSakuraKikkipurin is a 13 year old Argentine fanimator who is known for her Mecha fanime: Gekisen. She lives in Argentina with her family. She's enthusiastic and a known beloved friend of many people. She's wooed many few with the fact her fanime is the only of mecha genre, though is less popular than many say she should be. Another project of hers is "Midnight, Moonlight, Starlight" a fanime based of religious events. Midnight, Moonlight, Starlight still hasn't been revealed in public though is frequently mentioned by Mew. Her partner on that project is none other than Lilahtryla98 who she met in the Fanime World Chatbox. Along with the two mentioned here, Mew has many other projects varying in plot, setting and genre.

Mew is dedicated to her friendships and work, though working slowly, produces animation and characters that are loved with great passion. One of her known fans is 'Mimi', who loves everything Mew does, and another fan is HinataUzo9, who is also her said 'internet bff', since they talk as often as everyday. Mew is extremely funny and unpredictible, though despite she doubts herself at times, saying she 'fails', why others clearly point out she doesn't, even though it's a joke.

Mew is widely known, though, for her characters in Gekisen, for many know and love them. One character of Mew's that is widely known is SH, who has made a place in many people's hearts and minds due to her randomness and joy. Also there is Oblivion, Shiro, PT, Erin, and OL, who all own a special title- if not extremely humorous- in many.

Facts Edit

  • Mew actually does love the pokemon 'Mew' and claims to be named after it, rather than "Tokyo Mew Mew"
  • Her persona is usually a pale skin, dark brown haired, glasses wearing girl who is said to be herself in anime form
  • Mew loves taking pictures with her cellphone
  • Alongside Gekisen, Mew makes other projects and animations