Midori Negi (in English Green Onion) (緑ネギ)

Info Edit

Ken Sorimachi is the loser in his high school. His grades aren't very good, but he tends to find a girlfriend. His lifelong dream is to build his own toy and is trying to develop an artificial intelligence android doll that happens to look like a real girl. That night his sister appears at Ken's door with a small package containing an artificial intelligence android doll named Ringo. Ringo is a palm-sized robotic doll who is very sensitive and sympathetic to Ken's feelings, likes, and needs.

Characters Edit

  • Ken Sorimachi (ケン反町)
  • Ringo (林檎)
  • Fuuka Aoi (風花葵)
  • Ruri Shimizu (ルリ清水)

Volumes Edit

Volume 1 Edit

  • Published: September 22, 1996
  • Chapters: 1-8

Volume 3 Edit

  • Published: December 1, 1996
  • Chapters: 9-16

Volume 4 Edit

  • Published: Febuary 4, 1997
  • Chapters: 17-24

Volume 5 Edit

  • Published: April 1, 1997
  • Chapters: 25-32

Volume 6 Edit

  • Published: November 11, 1997
  • Chapters: 33-40

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