Dont I look cute but yes by Heavens Song

AngelAnimationsx3's Persona (with short hair)


Chii24's persona, Chii, One of the most famous in the Fanime Communtiy

A persona (from the Latin word meaning "mask") is the name of the type of character that represents oneself on the internet, joined in the Fanime Community. Personas vary from each fanimator, and are used fre quently in videos and memes. The most famous personas in the Fanime Community include Chii24Zayashuku, and Sutsuki445.

There is a great diversity of other styles for a persona, much like any other character or being. It can be anything from a simple silhouette, such as the one from MichaelsWorldStudio, or a fully drawn anime character, such as Deus of DeusMarionette. As a persona may be used to represent a fanimator, or in some cases, a character from someone's fanime might become their own persona. Any type of character that someone relates themselves to and commonly uses as an icon may be considered someone's 'persona', or 'avatar'. In some cases people have multiple personas and no exact one like Cookieluv246

who's persona

This is Surii48's Persona. Surii being just 12 was a big hit when she arrived to youtube.

still varies from time to time.

Although, persona's are'nt seen as much in the fanimating community be fanimators, as much as they are by people who make animation shorts. People like Diamant88 and Melodyfan12 still don't have a persona, so people just assume to draw their character. Which is another use for a persona, to be able to make fanart for them.

Another fun thing to do with persona's is to make tributes which most of the Ms.Painter's use to do (some still) on a more daily basis. People such as Crackednutshellxx2, Blackworofu, and then some. And the best thing about a persona is it can be as close to your looks or as far away as you want. It doesn't have to be realistic at all, just what you'd want to be viewed by if you had to ability too. Persona's don't necessarily even have to be drawn out characters, if your in any other communities like a writing one, your persona is what you describe, or your style of writing.

Other Personas Edit

Other personas that are seen around the Fanime community but are not as well known as the others (while still being well known) are:

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