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Untitled drawing by rockusocku d80h68s copy by pocket stars-d817ure

Pinki Persona Character, A Gift Artwork

Pinki Pockets (PinkiPockets or originally was PinKWingSAngeL) is a British retired fanimator, who used to back in the fanime community but actually left afew years. She began joined YouTube in late 2006 making AMV's but joined the fanime community in 2008. In 2015, she say she must return to the fanime community - it's very unknown if she would or not. She is also a very good friend with "John Fanime" aka Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi (known as TheItalianFanimeKid1991). She is a Voice Actress, an a artist, and a nerd. Her inspiration are to draw/ animated stuff and also speed painting.

Early LifeEdit

She was 15 when she stared Youtube on November the 6th 2006. The reason being why she started was so she could make AMV's (Animated music videos). She was obsessed with an cartoon show aired on Cartoon Network "Teen Titans" And wanted to make fan-videos. She mostly made them of her favorite character Raven. She came across anime and became obsessed with it since then then. 2008 -- She came across an handmade animation shared by a YouTuber named NurseryRhyme123 which was animated by an artist who was on YouTube named ShioriTanake ( her YouTube account has been closed down). And She was astonished by amazing it is that she simply learned to draw, and animated herself. During this time she stopped making AMV's due to YouTube's copyright system kept removing all her videos and they gave her strikes, so she decided to go down the fanime route. Her first ever animation was Obana trailer 2 Awful.. She carried on improving from there on making lots of friends from the fanime community and made many ideas herself, she never competed them as she kept coming up with new idea's and ditching the old one. Also, she didn't/don't have much faith in herself to ever release an fanime. So she tend to stick with just making short random animations, and draw from time to time...

However she considering trying again with making an fanime, although i'm still apprehensive.

Notable CreationsEdit


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