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Pokémon Nation Edit

Pokémon Nation, also known as PN, is a fan-made Pokemon-based fanime written and animated by SweetSuicune790, an animator on Youtube. First it started off as a short comedic comic with a small plotline on DeviantART but it was later developed and re-vamped to what it is now, thanks to the help of friends.

Vairi screeny

Co-Founders and Assistant Writers Edit

These are the many great friends that helped me develop the story, they supported me throughout the years, providing awesome ideas and advice and I honor them for it. They are the people who made PN what it is now.

Saaiax [Cyren] [Helped start the idea and has been supporting me ever since]

Bright-As-A-Button [Helped with designing the Zauruchi league Stadium Leaders]

GallaRose [Helped with naming the evil organization and also helped with some of the plot writing]

KatieLegends [Supported me through thick and thin, giving valuable advice and nonstop awesomeness.]

Zeelious [Helped write up the plot for the Pokemon Elite; Supporting the story]

Fenrir280 [Also helped out with the Pokemon Elite

KailKutan [Awesome inspiring assistant writer and friend who has helped mold the plot]

GULPJR [ Even though he may not be online anymore due to school; He has been a great fellow animator and friend, An overall great inspiring person, we were both working on our Pokemon series at the same time, his is called Pokemon Heroes.]

Acobjum [Another assistant writer; Helped with script editting, revised scripts, adding to the plot; picked out the grammatical errors, ect. Has been very helpful

PostSubscript [Character addition and support]

And many others. ^_^

The Plot Edit

Vairi, a young but experienced Pokemon trainer, has been given a prophecy on the night before her birthday by an unknown being; Great disasters are to befall the world in the near future. That very moment an invitation to a strange Pokemon League tournament in a far off region shows up at her door, but she refuses. At the time, due to an accident, she had quit her trainer career and had chosen to live alone in the mountains of her home island. As the mysterious being pleads for her help, she begins to look back at all her grand memories of traveling and with the help of Suicune, she recovers from her time of deep isolation. After the intervention, she whole heartily accepts the invitation. Upon arriving to this exotic region, her whole life changes when a spunky young Flyer, a mischievous young magician, and a young Pokemon Fashion Designer join her on her journey through the league. All is fine and dandy, she enjoys her time traveling with her new pals and she's getting along with them just great... but something is bothering her, she has the aching feeling that the four of them were meant to meet and are now supposed to do something. But what? The jolly atmosphere around them quickly darkens as strange Pokemon and ruthless trainers from the mountains, claiming themselves to be "Pokemon Hunters"; Rogue trainers who prey on other Pokemon trainers, attacking them with their genetically enhanced Pokemon, then taking their lives and cashing in their Trainer cards for cash on the black market; are beginning to show up more and more around the region, causing panic and mayhem to the once peaceful land. And they seem to be searching for a certain somebody in particular; a girl with a special power. And on top of that, Pokemon are beginning to behave very hostile toward humans, natural disasters are beginning to erupt on all parts of the map and the government of Zauruchii is now actually supporting the Hunters in their search. Now it's up to the team of four to find out the meaning behind these strange happenings before they become victim to the Hunters bloodthirsty ambitions and a secret governmental conspiracy that is likely to threaten the very existence of life on the planet as they know it.

Now all Vairi can do is try to figure out the meaning behind the prophecy that was given to her:

"A land will fall into corruption under an oppressive dark force, bound upon the grounds with chains, with no one to guide them. But Four Beacons of light will rise from the mist to lead the Nation through the overwhelming darkness and will rise up to face the ultimate war. A war in which only one side will remain in the end."

This prophecy is the key to Zauruchii's fate, and everyone she loves.

Genre Edit

Action, Comedy, Adventure, and Fantasy

Rated PG-14 For Language, crude sometimes sexual humor, blood, fantasy violence, and terror

Characters Edit

The story centers around four main characters; with the addition of guest characters:


Age: 16

A cheerful energetic young trainer born and raised in the Orange Islands. Vairi is an odd girl who loves the wild outdoors and especially the ocean, she can come off as a bit shy and eccentric to others but she loves to make friends. She's addicted to sweet baked foods such as cake or cookies.She can be a bit clumsy, absent-minded, and even lazy but when the going gets rough, she will fight to her last breath for the justice and freedom of people and Pokemon alike. Vairi has the special ability that enables her to talk to Pokemon and understand what they say.

Pokemon: Charizard, Arcanine, Slowking, Flareon, Lantern, Dragonite

Nanet Wayfeather

Age: 15

A hot-headed and spirited young man from the mountains of Zauruchii. He's whimsical and zany to the max, and has a love for all Flying-type Pokemon. He may not look or act like it but he was once a feared Flyer; a skilled person who devotes his life to flying on Pokemon for sport; but sadly he gave up his exciting heroic career, after a horrific accident that left him seriously injured. His goal is to meet the ultimate Flying-type Pokemon, Ho-Oh, and challenge it to battle. Nanet can be immature, short-fused, gluttonous, and blunt. But he is extremely passionate about what he believes in and will not let anyone cross him without a fight.

Pokemon: Umbreon, Pidgeotto, Zigzagoon, Teddiursa, Granbull, and Aerodactyl


Age: 19

The coordinator to the Zauruchii league who left his job to take on the league by himself. A classy sarcastic young man who enjoys magic tricks and causing trouble for authorities or political powers. He can perform his Psychic tricks such as levitating items or controlling the actions of people by channeling his Espeon's psychic powers through his body. On the flip-side, Yusuke is a bit of a pervert despite his gentlemen-like front he puts up, and sometimes abuses his powers for acts of mischief. He also enjoys spending money on expensive luxuries all the time, leaving him always broke and homeless.

Pokemon: Espeon, Hypno, Noctowl, Mightyena, Fearow, Clefable


Age: 11

A young former world famous Pokemon fashion designer. Jamie is shy and weak-willed young boy. Instead of making friends or conversing with others, he's always burying himself in his project. His older brother company caused his company to go bankrupt and he was quickly removed from his managership. Jamie then joined Vairi and her gang of friends so he can toughen up as a Pokemon trainer and as a person so that he can one day face his brother and take his career back.

Pokemon: Swinub, Altaria, Tropius, Ampharos, Illumise, Gardevoir

Guest Characters Edit

These are characters of friends who've been written into the storyline while PN was in it's early stage.

Beka Goldheart

A trainer who arrived in Zauruchii from the far corners of Orre to explore and observe the many historical monuments and mysterious artifacts that are found deep within the lands of the region. She first met Vairi at her home island of Cobalt as an intruder but they quickly became the best of friends.


Vairi's childhood best friend. They have a long history of traveling the many regions of the world together. She's always seen with her shiny Ninetails.

Kail Kutan

A mysterious silver-haired young man, who is stalking Vairi and the group. He claims to be the last of an ancient race of people who ride the legendary beasts of the sea. He has a dark ambition within him that seeks the destruction of Vairi and her team. He has a talking Buizel named Daxter who he's always seen with.

Zack & David and the Pokemon Elite Two elite trainers/spies from a special organization that specifies in spying on miscreant activities from around the globe. Zack, the dark haired man, and David, the brown-haired man, are both super elite ranked trainers, they have been sent to Zauruchii on a top-secret mission to keep track of a suspicious organization.


A hot-headed trainer with a larger than normal Luxray.

(More will be listed as they appear)

Video Links Edit

Trailer [[1]]

Opening animation [2]

Note: The opening here and the trailer date back to 2008, they are quite old and will soon be replaced with updated versions

Page Creator Edit

SweetSuicune790 [3]]

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