ROYGBIV is a series made by PegasusPoop123. The series is a magical girl series about seven girls with each other their color from the rainbow. Their names are Rosa Red, Olivia Orange, Yasmin Yellow, Gemma Green, Brielle Blue, Isle Indigo and Victoria violet. The series theme is rainbows. It's a slice of life too!

plot Edit

A typical magical girl anime were they fight monsters and keep the city safe. These girls fight monsters called Ghouls. They got their attacks!

Characters Edit

Rosa Red is a regular girl who is genki and stuff. She likes to play tennis! it's a great sport she is good at. She is can get really mad at times! Her theme color is red. Her attack is HEART ATTACK. She hangs out with Olivia and Yasmin.
Olivia Orange is a hot blooded tomboy. She likes to play volleyball. it's her favorite sport. Olivia loves to make jokes but can get way to much of it. Her theme color is orange. Her attack is ORANGE FIRE
Yasmin Yellow is a genki girl who loves to color. It's her favorite thing to do.

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