Aliases tatianafariamorais
Nyan Pawa!!!
Asura Kishin

RadioactivePizzicato had her very first YouTube account, which her father created so she could watch and favorite what she wanted, in 2005, when she was only four years old. That account (tatiwinx2001) is now deleted since she later thought the name was stupid.

Around the end of 2007 she started watching Mermaid Melody, which was being aired on a kids channel in her country; she was inspired by the style and tried to draw the main character, Luchia. Since she liked how the drawing came out, she had the idea of changing her drawing style to the one she saw on TV. Then in 2008 her father created her a new account, tatianafariamorais, that she used for 4 years.

Around 2009, she started watching some fanmade transformation videos and it inspired her to write her first plot, of a story called "Fairytale Warriors", using characters she created herself. On July 2010, due to personal issues, Pizzicato was forced to leave YouTube for a while, but on her 11th birthday (8th March 2012) she came back since she was finally allowed to comment on videos. On June 2012, she made her first animation and uploaded it to YouTube on a video called "My first try on Sailor Ba's henshin".

That's when she decided to create a fanime, called "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon! Galactic". That was her point of view of the story and the sixth season, a sequel of the original series by Naoko Takeuchi, but with the characters being reincarnations of the sailor soldiers. Due to lack of fan support and the fact that her friends were making fun of her because of the girly-like plot, she decided to create an account called TheFacoBattle, where she started a new fanime.

  • "tatianafariamorais" changed the username to "Nyan Pawa!!!" and later to "Asura Kishin"
  • "TheFacoBattle" is now called "RadioactivePizzicato"

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