Sakuragi Kami (神桜木,Kami Sakuragi) is a Fanmade Charcter of K-On,She’s Also a New student from the Midorimori Highschool. Character She is a Gentle and sweet Popular singer From Kansai. Ritsuis a Big fan of her and ever being Yuri at her. Kami is a wealthy and Rich girl who has a sweet and gentle personality. Ritsu is considered a Big fan Of Kami,She ever Invite to her house for slumber party. Kami ever Invite the Poor Children to her Birthday. Appearance Kami has long, Black and Long Waist lenght Braided hair and Dark Purple eyes, and she has a very fair complexion that the other girls don't have, that could lead to her being of Taiwannese decent. Sakuragaoka High Uniform Like all Sakuragaoka High School students, Kami wears a school uniform. The Sakuragaoka uniform consists of a navy blue blazer, a solid white buttoned shirt (under the blazer), a colored ribbon (different colors for different student years, Kami's year is light blue), a light steel blue skirt, stockings or socks (Kami's are white), and maroon shoes. The summer uniform replaces the blazer with a beige waistcoat. Additionally, the subject physical education requires a tracksuit (sport jacket with long pants, colored again depending on the year group) with white striped brims, a white shirt with colored endings (again colored regarding the year group) for the summer semester and white sports shoes. Midorimori High Uniform Before of her changing School. Kami wears a Beige Long sleeved Sweater and A white Long sleeved Shirt. She wears a Blueish green Twinties and Skirt. She also a black shoes and and short socks.

Profile Also Known As Kami-chan Kami-sama

Age 13-14 Birthday July 21st , 1993 Class Elementary School 4-3 Senior High School 1-1 Musical Profile Role Vocalist Instrument None

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