Amai Kisu is an anime series. The series takes place in a fictional Japan where Ayumi Mura, an unusual succubus who does not seduce men but avoid them because of her androphobia. The middle child in a family of succubus, Ayumi lives like a normal human teenager, attending school and walking around men with no harm to herself. At school Ayumi meets her new classmate, the human Itaru Chiziwa, , with whom she tried to avoid but becomes his friends and later falls in love. After he learns her secret, he agrees to help Ayumi during the day when her succubus family is unable to watch over her. While the awkward couple deal with the issues of a relationship between a human and a demon.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Ayumi Mura
    • Ayumi is a busty succubus, who wishes to be a human instead. Despite this, she develops genuine feelings for Itaru, she addresses him by his surname "Chizawa". Due to her unusual situation, Ayumi lives like a normal human rather than a succubus. As the series progresses, Hina falls in love with Itaru. He returns her feelings, though Hina is initially troubled to learn that human-succubus children are born sterile.
  • Itaru Chiziwa
    • Due to heredity, his sanpaku eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent and are the cause of many misunderstandings. At the beginning of the story, Itaru shows a cold attitude towards Ayumi because she is a succubus. However, as the story progress, he gradually softens up to her and even begins to smile after witnessing her kindness and compassion towards others. He eventually falls in love with her.

Mura Family Edit

  • Ayu Mura
    • She is Ayumi's well-endowed mother.
  • Azumi Mura
    • She is Ayumi's younger sister. Although a child, Azumi is deeply resents being treated as one and insists that she is as mature as anyone else, despite frequent actions by her which prove otherwise.
  • Anzu
    • She is the Mura family's pet, fish-like monster. The only word Anzu can say is meh.

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Susumu Kumabayashi
    • Susumu is rich, powerful, and greedy, and while he often chases girls and insults Itaru by calling him a beast, but he does show a serious, caring side in critical situations. As the series progress, Susumu becomes extremely possessive of Ayumi and becomes very jealous when Itaru show any kind of interests in her.

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