Samezuka Tomoka (鮫塚ともか) is a fanmade character of the fanmade anime "Samezuka Tomoka no Nikki". She is also known as a "Special" character in this Anime.

Design Edit

Her eye color is shown to be Tosca and her hair color is Coffee Brown. It is showned to be tied in twintails,and its medium length. She sometimes lets her hair down

Personality Edit

A sweet,innocent,and gentle person who never gets angry. Although she has a weak body and gets ill easily,but she can do household chores. She is also known as a mature,yet friendly person who speaks softly and gently.

Biography  Edit

Birthdate: 27th of February 2002

Birthplace: Osaka

Age: 12

Occupation: A student of Hanazuki Middle School grade 7-A

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