Sch Ribbit is a fanime youtuber who is known for her ongoing fanime series "Magical Girl School"-- started in 2014.


Magical girl school is one Sch Ribbits's most popular fanimes. It was created on April 16th 2014. She has created 11 episodes, and it's still ongoing. 6 normal girls are given letters about becoming magical girls at Aka Yama high school.
Magical Girl School Episode 1-010:41

Magical Girl School Episode 1-0

Episode 1

Planetary Creation is another fanime Sch Ribbit created.Planetary Creation is about teams of elemental giant humanoid aliens who's job is to create planets.It was created on Oct 9, 2015 So far, 6 episodes have been created. This was meant to be her weekly anime, but she is going to take a break from it, beacuse it was too much work.
Planetary Creation Episode 103:08

Planetary Creation Episode 1


Ultimate journalist is one of her fanimes she created. It was created on Jun 22, 2015. This fanime is no longer continued.
Ultimate Journalist Episode 105:18

Ultimate Journalist Episode 1

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