SeasonS is a fanime created by a youtuber called SeasonZ.

Characters Edit

  • Yuzan
  • Nicole
  • Kai
  • Sakura
  • Raiga
  • Sora
  • Ryo

Episodes Edit

SeasonS Episode 1 - Adventure  

A new day for a young girl named Sakura has been preparing to start her journey to join the Guild she has been dreaming to join her whole life. Along the way she meets two new friends both of which are from the very Guild itself, Nicole and Yuzan. Both accompany her to the Mountain where it is at. But whilst things are settled for the time being, dangerous events are taking place close by. Enter Kai and Raiga.  

SeasonS - Episode 112:09

SeasonS - Episode 1

SeasonS Episode 2 - Rivalry Kai

Kai and Raiga are face to face. Kai calmly states that if Raiga doesn't move out of his way then he'll be forced to make him. Taking this as a challenge Raiga is thrilled it has come to it and prepares to fight back. Indeed a fierce battle begins but both are unaware that they are being watched, but by who? And for what reason?

SeasonS - Episode 215:44

SeasonS - Episode 2

SeasonS - Episode 3 (FULL) The Bitterness Of Defeat

Starts with a flashback of a young Garit living in poverty who struggles to survive with little to his name as his bully Nile, is always there to take from him. On that same night a star falls to Earth. Years later that Garit we see now is all grown up. . .but what is his secret.

Meanwhile Kai and Raiga resume their fierce fight that goes one-side yet again for Kai. As the fight concludes, Raiga unravles his goal to obtain all the powers in the world as his own but for what reason, as it's still unclear as to what these powers are and where they come from. As Raiga leaves the scene Kai has his own reasons for finding Raiga after all.

Yuzan,having spent all day finding Sora. .. .or hiding no less ends up in a difficult spot and is spotted by none other than Sora himself. After regain conciousness. . .Sora and Yuzan make thier way back to home where a new face, Ryo sets off to assist in preperations of exams in other villages just like the one being held in Season Peak. Elsewhere Skye is seen kneeling before a masked figure who she seems to be taking or ders s Som. Who is he and what is his goal?

SeasonS - Episode 316:54

SeasonS - Episode 3

Animated Manga (Animated Comic) Edit

SeasonZ created a animated manga (or comic) and posted it on Youtube.


Links Edit

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