This is the first volume of Shoujo City, with chapters and published on January 15, 1999.

Story Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

A guy named Motoki Nishida looks to a dating simulator game to help him talk to girls. The main character in the dating simulator is named Ume, and Motoki immediately takes a liking to the simulation, despite him believing that it is not real. One day, a freak lightning strike materializes her into the real world.

Chapter 2 Edit

Motoki realizes that Ume doesn't have underwear (because she's was a computer program). Since he's too embarrassed to get them himself, he lets Ume go to a lingerie store to buy them. In the end, Motoki gets a nosebleed after seeing Ume' underwear.

Chapter 3 Edit

Motoki's old friend, Itsumi suddenly shows up at Hideki's apartment and spends the night. She suddenly meets Ume and has a conversation with her.

Chapter 4 Edit

Motoki, Ume, Itsumi and Souta decide to go to the beach.

Chapter 5 Edit

Motoki wants to teach Ume how to bathe, but he's too embarrassed to do it. But, he eventually finds a way to avoid the task when he meets his old friend, Itsumi Konno, who helps bathe Ume.

Chapter 6 Edit

Chapter 7 Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

Chapter 9 Edit

Chapter 10 Edit

Manga Edit

= Chapter 1 Edit

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