Sunlyte Wareeurs is a parody fanime or panime by timeXsong, to which one episode and several other miscellaneous videos have been created.

The series was first introduced in May of 2009 with the "traylur", which can be seen here. The trailer was a direct response to the stereotypical, generic trailers of other fanime at the time, which always included phrases like "do you like X... then Y is the fanime for you!"

Since then, there has been a seenes frum episiod 1 video, an opening, a noo yeerz speshul, a Durarara!! 2ruts mi (Trust Me) parody video, and various clips from the show's prologue.

Something prevalent in the show's presentation is the use of n00b speak, which includes incorrectly spelled words, random and seemingly incoherant phrases, and random bouts of wapanese. And example of this is "itz bin a rly lawnj tiem sens i wurkd sunlyte wareeurz, rite so i thought i sud maek a vedioh on mrch brk orijinly i wuz gong 2 mayk teh episoed btu tht nvr hapnd obvuslee;./ so i desied 2 maky a fversun uf teh doodoorah eddgin senz its liek soooooooooooooooooo kool & i luv doodoorah evun tho i hvnt sein it und no nuthgin abut tit wutzoefur".