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Slice of life,Comedy,Drama

Super J&M is a fanime, (often called a web original animation in anime-style by the creator) that is currently being made by 1Megabirds from Youtube.


The story is set in Sunflower City, a modern town. The protagonist Josh, Mari and their friends form a group named "Club of Eight" to fight the evil Dracon.


The Club of Eight

  • Josh Jonathan Smith : Mari's brother. He likes sports and is the founder of the "Club of Eight".
  • Mari Smith : Josh's sister. She likes reading and strange things.
  • Nick Franciscus Stein : He lives next door to J&M. He's very smart, nice and good at biology.
  • Satoshi Fujiki : A new classmate of J&M.
  • Torin, Rena, Alex : Best Friends who are in the Club of Eight.
  • Mr. R. Ernst: An older male. He is friends with Nick and Satoshi. He is supposed to be around 40 years old. He likes to tell stories about mythology.
  • Serafino' Ilsabello' : A handsome classmate of J&M. He often claims that he is the best at everything
  • Sarah (Sakura-chan): A weaboo classmate. She loves sparkly vampires and Serafino, and uses a lot of Japanese words in her language. She thinks she is a Japanese and insists on being called Sakura.
  • Miss Manko is a teacher at Newton School, the school which the protagonists are attending. She is a very weird teacher: she is very strict, but she seems to love Serafino and Sarah. She also smokes in class.
  • Dracon
  • Mike
  • Meilin
  • Eimar and Elquarx

As this series is currently being made, a lot of characters are missing here.


Coming Soon.


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