Superstar Nicolas wallpaper

The Wallpaper of it, which shows the characters.

Superstar Nicolas: The Animation is an Anime And Manga series by Nicolas Mejia that will be released in the future.

Plot Edit

Venom The King of Aliens has sent out his alien army to take over the world, It is up to the heroes, Nicolas, Cristian, Baxter, Gunther, Artix, & Starfire to go on an important mission to defeat the alien army & even Venom, The king himself.

Episodes Edit

  1. Trouble Begins
  2. The Recolor Version of Nicolas
  3. Baxter Joins The Story
  4. Cristian In The Lost Forest
  5. Nicolas vs Shadow Nicolas
  6. The Girl That Nicolas Has a Crush On...
  7. Rikona Rescue Girl
  8. Artix & Starfire?
  9. Humans Vs Aliens
  10. Character Transform: Super Saiyan Nicolas
  11. The Final Battle
  12. The First Day of School

NOTE: The rating of it will be TV-14.

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