Sword Dreamer and Chojiro is an anime that is being created by FullmetalAlchemistEdElric. It needs help with character planning and scenes. So if you are an editor that likes anime like bleach, FMA, or etc...

The fanime is about a 17 yr. old boy named Chojiro Watanabe. He has created a international game called Digital Mind Attack. One day, he was going against his little brother in one match, but, Chojiro's weapon attack backfired, and he was put into a coma. Kohaku, became the owner of DMA. Kouji is the main character of Seord Dreamer and Chojiro. He is called the "King of DMA sea waves" because his specialty battle monster is: The Sea prince Taiyoh. When Kouji first learned about DMA, he met Sachi, a girl 1 year younger than Kouji. Kouji went against a boy named Kenji, a boy 2 years older than him. That's when Kouji frst transformed into Taiyoh.

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