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Cover page for the Twilight of Requiem

The Twilight of Requiem is a Webcomic that will quite possibly be turned into a fanime, later down the road. But will first start out as a novel. It is a creation made by Cookieluv246 based off her gaiaonline username "The Twilight of Requiem".

Leila, a nine year old little girl was born deaf, with hazel eyes and pale skin. She was born into a very wealthy family in London, and taught up to be very classy. However, little Leila always felt some sort of, hole in her heart. But as fortunate as she was, she was also very, odd. Her family could never understand what it was, but she was considered legally disturbed. She always use to cry at night for fear of a ghost in her bedroom, that looked just like her. Her parents never took real notice of this though, until she started acting differently. Drawing disturbed pictures, and even talk of herself dieing. Worried, her parents had tried to take her to a clinic, but she refused. Eventually she calmed down, and her parents assumed it was just a stage. She however, still seeing the lookalike ghost.
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The first chapter/pages have yet to be realeased to the public.  But will be aproaching sometime by the summer. (Probably earlier). This however is a side project, and will not take away any time from the making of Kiki and the Light. This story will be uploaded on:

Deviantart <---- Link to coverpage

Fanfiction <----- Link to profile page on there

SmackJeeves <------- Link to profile

And eventually on others too.