Trainstep Inn
Created by Bananza Studios
Voices of Connor Marshall
Kaitlyn Wilson
Annie Loomis
James Larabee
Kisaka Toriama
Jimmy Cooper
Music by Mitchell Beard

Samantha Jean

Genre Mystery

Slice of Life

No. of Episodes 1
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Premise Edit

The mysterious Trainstep Inn has always been covered in a layer of secrets. No one questions it. No one reads into it. That is- until Wendell arrived.

Characters Edit

Wendell Edit

Voiced By Connor Marshall

The male protagonist of Trainstep Inn. Wendell is a man of few words and often does not speak unless he has something to say. He is fine with long pauses and does not feel the need to always fill the silence. However, his fatal flaw is that he is incapable of letting things go. This can sometimes lead to him coming off as a bit rude and intrusive.

Tondra Edit

Voiced by Kaitlyn Wilson

Martinette Edit

Voiced by Annie Loomis

Thanatos (Than) Edit

Voiced by James Larabee

Ada Edit

Voiced by Kisaka Toriama

Kapp Edit

Voiced by Kisaka Toriama

Benton Edit

Voiced by Jimmy Cooper

Treg Edit

Voiced by Dravehson

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