Visual novels are stories formatted into chapters using text boxes and character sprites, similar to games like Shuffle! and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Matsuri. A few animators on YouTube have chosen to make visual novels instead of full blown animations due to the fact they're much easier to make and are convenient for those with a busy schedule. These visual novels are very rarely made with programs like MVVN, TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio or Ren'Py. Instead, they're simply animations that appear similar in design to visual novels. Because of this, they're made with Windows Movie Maker and/or Sony Vegas and thus contain no interactivity. This is not to say they're not 'entertaining' or 'interesting', but rather simpler versions of real fanimes. Some people are unsure whether visual novels can ever be considered fanime or not, but some say that since they are in anime format and are fan-made they can be classified as fanimes. Despite the major effort and patience required to make an interactive visual novel, there are a few fanimators that are going for it.

Fan-Made Visual Novels Edit