NEW TITLE: Cookie Love

This is an upcoming fanime which be released around 2015. The story is focused on Kaede Yushiro, a 15 year old 1st year highschooler and her friend Mikano Chira, also a 15 year old 1st year highschooler, but both are very very different...

instead of the main character being the magical girl, Mikano, it instead the stereotypical backround character Kaede


Kaede Yushiro

Gender: Nonbinary



Personality: adaptable, melancholy, stubborn

Sexuality: (unknown as of now)

Mikano Chira
First frame


Gender: Female

Personality: shy, simple minded, a bit boastful at times

Sexuality: Lesbian


Species: Lemur thing?

Most about this character is unknown as of now

Tero Rabenda

Gender: Male

Personality: witty, thoughtful

Sexuality: Asexual, Pansexual


The story starts out on the day Mikano and Kaede had met, back in a small town known as Ogimachi Village, at the time Kaede thought of Mikano as a ditz due to her pink hair and childish look and how Mikano acted, but soon enough when school started they became friends. They did everything together, but once they moved to the city of Toyokawa in Aichi things started to change. it was all normal, they moved into an apartment together and got accepted into a highschool, but one day Mikano was confronted by a strange white creature that went by the name of  Yugure who wanted Mikano to be a magical girl. At first Mikano tried avoiding the strange lemur looking creature but it was everywhere. Kaede was to focused on school and her job to even notice what was going on. Mikano finally gave up and decided to become a magical girl. She didn’t quite grasps her magical powers too well though, sometimes they would get a bit out of control, like she wasnt even focusing on it.

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