Yokai Tales (妖怪物語) is a psychological horror, romance, science fantasy manga. The manga was rated M+ for nudity, graphic violence, transgressive themes, blood and gore, graphic violence as well as psychological violence and especially animal cruelty.

Plot Edit

Ken Kaminuma is an expressionless high school boy who lives alone. One day, he plays a Kappa Game by himself in the beach and summons the turtle yokai Kappa-san who, upon seeing his unhealthy lifestyle, takes it upon herself to become his guardian and raise him properly. Thus starts Ken-kun's new life of being haunted by various unique spirits and horror!!

Characters Edit

  • Ken Kaminuma -
  • Kappa-san -
  • Haruko Sawada -
  • Seiji Izumida -
  • Subaru Kabane -

Volumes Edit

No. Japanese Release English Release Chapters
1 August 1996 Januray 2003 STORY1: Kappa

STORY2: Yokai

STORY3: House

STORY4: Property

STORY5: Japan

STORY6: Family

STORY7: Teacher

STORY8: Tails

STORY9: Kitsune

STORY10: Yuki-onna

STORY11: Haunted

STORY12: Answer

2 December 1997 March 2004 STORY13: Picture

STORY14: Store

STORY15: Toy

STORY16: Memory

STORY17: Love

STORY18: Weather

STORY19: Learn

STORY20: Fallen

STORY21: Snow

STORY22: Alone

STORY23: Tree

STORY24: Normal

3 February 1998 April 2005 STORY25: Ocean

STORY26: Air

STORY27: Stars

STORY28: Confess

STORY29: Poor

STORY30: Tutor

STORY31: Heartless

STORY32: Help

STORY33: Dreams

STORY34: Marriage

STORY35: Hopes

STORY36: Cry

4 June 1999 February 2006 STORY37: Written

STORY38: War

STORY39: Journal

STORY40: Waves

STOR41: Ghosts

STORY42: Turtles

STORY43: Siblings

STORY44: Booth

STORY45: Train

STORY46: Mission

STORY47: Happy


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