Zorma Day The Fanime Series
Created by Johnn Maximiliano Aldebrandi
Voices of TBA
Music by Kids Incorporated Instrumental Theme Song
Genre TBD
No. of Episodes 1 - 8/ present

Zorma Day The Fanime Series is a family-friendly rated G-themed show: education-entrainment mixed and comedy, that focus of a boy name Zorma, a grumpy and innocent side character of an Sonic Original Character Villain, sometime the story can take place about the character relationship, problem solving, life, and among more. This fanime series is a spin-off of John Fanime first fanime classic film "An Zorma Day" from 2007, it is not a directed sequel but it a spin-off series, this was the idea somewhere in the September 2015 to do a spin-off from the fanime old movie behind the series that he started Kaygeta & The Hotshot Gals. This series is inspired by "Kids Incorporated" and "Saved By the Bells.



Development & SettingEdit



◾The Gangs



◾The Support/ Deuteragonist/ Tritagonist

Raven Vishay Trinee - TBD

◾The Antagonist/ the Baddies

Jasper - Is one of the main villain of this series, his rival of the kid name Zorma, he dislike heroes very much, and his interested is girls/ women. A bully/ and mean person. His dislike of kids stuff or kidz play, he's doesn't like anyone else to get on his way.

OVA, Spin-off & MoreEdit


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